“I give you a high 10!! I am a brand new Lifestyle Advisor and am looking forward to getting all your training so I can continue success in selling. This seminar was very helpful!”

Michael Geiger

Director of Sales


“I give the training a 10!!”

Linda Vernon

Executive Director


“I don’t believe anyone can attend your session and not feel at their peak! What a way to shine. You have many hands on tools to help me hold the sales team accountable. I’m a #1 fan.”

Sam Cirrillo

Executive Director


“Great seminar. Very motivating. My favorite part was working with peers to review next steps in the sales process. I also love listening ot you role play. It helps to hear how to handle common objections and concerns that we hear every day.

Holly Sloan


“Julie – I was thrilled with our review session last week! Your perspective and insight was so valuable! We now have the feedback we need to take our coaching to the next level. Adam put that feedback into action immediately and emailed me this morning that he did a role play on his first coaching call this week and it made impact!”

Melissa, V.P. Sales

(company confidential)


“Paula Carney at Navamaze is my go-to person when I talk to an elderly client (or their family) during the course of my business (assisted living). There are so many components to one’s life when you get old, from social services, state help, finding a caregiver or a small “home away from home”, or a large facility, and the financial and legal aspect of it, things and resources you never knew existed that only a professional like Paula can find in this modern maze.”

Joelle Lau-Hansen Darnois