We provide solutions

We provide solutions to your senior housing and/or home care needs.

Are you having difficulty at this time in life?  Ask yourself:

  • Are you a widow/widower?

  • In home maintenance overwhelming?  

  • Is meal preparation a chore?

  • Do you fear being taken advantage of?

  • Are you afraid to be at home alone?

  • Are you unable to drive or worry about driving at night?

  • Are you confused by Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance,
    banking, investments?  


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Navamaze can provide a care coordinator who will offer professional, ethical, and personalized guidance. You don’t need to be alone in making these important life decisions. 

A care coordinator is a client advocate and a family voice. All Navamaze Care Coordinators are registered nurses with advanced degrees, licenses, and certifications.

The time to make a move or bring help into the home is a difficult decision. Planning  maximizes your possibilities for a fulfilling your next chapter in life. Waiting for a crisis to arrive does not allow planning to take place, and the decisions made in crisis are often the wrong decisions, creating  emotional and financial implications. Being prepared  offers you peace of mind.

Choosing a senior living community is not an easy decision. If considering a move to a community, we will narrow down your options, tour with you and your family, and be with you during contract review prior to making a decision. We will assure you get answers to the questions that need clarification. 

We provide referrals and connections to the many resources available in our community that  fit your needs- realtors, elder law attorneys, veteran benefits, financial advisors, reverse mortgage specialists, charitable giving, Medicare/Medicaid, house-call physicians, geriatric care managers, companion care, complete moving services, Calendar of Events and much more.

Through our discovery process we will determine where to call home and which services will be needed to maintain your quality lifestyle choice.

Call us at 941-584-2039 for a free consultation, or fill out this form to be contacted by email or phone. You can be assured you will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman