We provide solutions to your loved ones’ senior housing and/or home care needs.

Initial consultation is free. You can be assured you will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity.

  • Does your parent live far away?

  • Have you noticed a cognitive or physical decline in your parent?

  • Does your parent require frequent assistance from a friend or neighbor?

  • Does your parent show signs of denial about their life changes?

  • Has your parent had a recent hospital or skilled nursing facility stay?

  • Is your parent secretive about their will, advance directives or POA?

  • Are family relationships complicating issues about your parent?

  • Are you frustrated?

  • Are you feeling guilty?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Navamaze can provide a care coordinator who offers professional, ethical and personalized guidance. You don’t need to be alone in making these important life decisions.


A care coordinator is a client advocate who helps you navigate the maze of information and options.

The experience of aging may turn out to be quite different than expected; gathering facts and asking the deeper questions about values, and meaning of life, about fears, hopes and dreams, will allow us the insight to finding the right solution.


We will discuss caregiver breaking points, “hitting the wall”, stress, and how to set boundaries. Stress causes fear, guilt, anxiety and depression. Planning helps to relieve these fears. Implementing a plan lifts the burden.


We will look at medications, appearance, behaviors, socialization, housekeeping, driving and transportation limitations, who is paying the bills, meal preparation, safety, who responds in an emergency, financial and physical health. Our in-depth assessment will provide the tools to making an informed and prepared decision.


Initial consultation is free. You can be assured you will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity.


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Adult Children and Caregivers

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