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Welcome to Navamaze

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At Navamaze, we are committed to ethical consulting and coaching services during life transitions for older adults and their families such as choosing an assisted living community and moving or having home care assistance at their current home. We also assist those who are navigating change at other times of their lives such as new career, new parent, caring for aging parent, divorce, death and grieving other losses, and need step by step guidance to ensure their success. 


Thank you for choosing Navamaze Online services. This innovative approach to in-home care empowers you to make the choices that best fit your needs, preferences and budget, but also provides you with the support and expertise of a name you trust... Navamaze.

Navamaze is an ideal resource for those that:

• Are interested in a safe, affordable live-in program

• Want to define their own as-needed hours of care

• Require only brief care visits (minimal hours)

• Want to control costs to better fit their budget

• Prefer the ability to review and choose from a selection of their own caregivers

• Want more control over the care process


What makes Navamaze different?

This option offers you the ability to make your own choices in all aspects of service, complemented by the professional support of Navamaze. When you use Navamaze, you're in charge, but you're not alone. If you need guidance or answers to a question, we are always here for you.


With Navamaze, we've made the process easy, the care more affordable and have placed the decision making in your hands. Welcome to the future of in-home care.